Success of Tibetan warrior in Greece in the midst of Greek Financial Crises:

The Director Do do came back from Greece and told me some wonderful stories of the screening of Tibetan warrior on a beautiful Greek island. He told me that the y loved it and some how could very closely associate themselves with the tibetan issue in terms of on going Greek financial crises!.. Its seems it was a great success!
So will it be in San francisco, Brazil,New york, Dharamsala, etc etc……..

Tomorrow it will be Starnberg, Munich!
Porok Karpo will fly high with the blessing of His Holiness the Dalai lama. When I was in Oslo performing for Him, I informed Him of my plan to form a band to sing those freedom songs from tibet to the world. He blessed me….and immediately after barely three weeks I could form this Band the Porok karpo, meaning the White Crow in Tibetan!!

Bod gyal lo….and wish us luck!!!!!

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