Porok Karpo Concert at Klangkeller, Bern, Junkerngasse 43
Dear Friends in and around Bern, I decided very spontaneously to do a concert to celebrate Tibetan New Year 2143 Fire-Monkey and share it to my friends. New Year or Losar celebration is also very special in our culture. We believe that to begin a year with positive energy is auspicious and good for the well being of your family, neighbours and friends. I therefore thought that I will start the New Year of the Tibetan tradition by singing all the auspicious songs to you all. I will do a short ceremony to invigorate all the good spirits to protect this beautiful planet and spread positive energy in all directions of the universe! The date of concert: 9th of Febuary 2016 The address: Klangkeller, Bern, Junkerngasse 43. Door open at 19.00 Uhrs Tibetan Tea and Auspicious rice offering! Concert begins at 20.00 Entry: collection I want to thank Willy Grim and his team for lending me the place spontaneously in a very short notice!