Tibetan Warrior now on Netflix. Tibetan Warrior is global. You can watch Tibetan warrior all over the world. It is multi lingual. You can watch Tibetan Warrior in Eleven languages! Bod Gyalo!

Porock karpo to perform at the Bee-flat in Bern:

I am honoured to announce that Porock karpo will perform in Progr which is one of the most important music venue in Swiss capital of Bern. We will be performing Tibetan Freedom songs for the first time in bern. Please spread this news to all. The newly arrived Tibetan Refugees are all welcome with free entrance! So please inform this to all!

Porock karpo rehearsal

Just finished our rehearsal for the 12th of December show in Bern for the Prize Day. I brought for my wonderful musicians each a Tibetan Bell Ting Shag as a symbol of our musical friendship.

Porok karpo to perform in Bern

Sunday 10.01.16, 20:30 (Door 19:30), £ 30.-

Loten Namling (VOC, Tibetan Lute), Patrick Lerjen (G), Mik Keusen (p), Philipp Moll (b), Muso Tribe (D)


The Tibetan freedom struggle into the here and now to bring, that was the idea of loten namling, than he, together with the Swiss Guitarist Patrick Lerjen porok karpo project started. Namling, this impressive hulk, has many years of independence for Tibet, China. His songs are also in every moment of freedom songs. Now he brings you in accordance with erdigem pop and alternative rock. Nam Ling’s kehliger and melodic vocals is progressing on this proud a rugged landscape from powerful beats and insurrectionist guitars, only to find little back later filigree stop in itself. The struggle for freedom for Tibet has never sounded so fresh like this band – the in the gym, incidentally, premiere celebrates.

Porok Karpo that three other well-known characters from the bernese scene meant, provides for additional glanzmomente. Sitting at the piano, mik keusen on bass Philipp Moll, on drums muso tribe.

How the tibetan music with western sounds marry, that can be realized loten namling, as he already some time ago, together with Franz Treichler from the young gods was on the scene. They met in the context of a fund-raiser in favour of tibet – a meeting that traces left.

Tibetan warrior will be shown once again in Bern in Movie theatre

Never ending story of Tibetan warrior!

Tibetan warrior will be shown once again in Bern in Movie theatre…..

On 8th it will be shown in Barcelona, Casa del tibet.
I will be there to take questions and also perform for all the Barcelonians!

Dont Miss it!
See you!

On 12 of 12 2015 I will be receiving an prize for Human Rights in Bern.

The Human Rights Award 2015 was awarded to Dr. Bernhard Müller and Loten Namling – both were honored for their commitment to the observance of human rights in Tibet.

At 12:12 about 150 guests were present at the human rights award of the ISHR.Thanks to all!