Porok Karpo will perform next in Zurich, Wallis, Bern…..etc. More infos to follow soon!

Feyrouz Ounaies one of my FB friends writes:

“since i did not meet you, i write it to you: it was very beautifu and touched me a lot, your voice and the struggle of your people”

We had great time playing at the Bee-flat yesterday.

We had great time playing at the Bee-flat yesterday. I want to thank my band members, Franz Treichler, Betrand Siffert, and memebers of the Bee-Flat team. I think the concert went well, thats what people said….people loved it!. I was honoured to have the Representative of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Rev. Wangchen la at the concert. My class mate and friend Thubten Tobugtsang la also came. Many people came and want to thank them all. Tashi Delek!

Concert of Porok Karpo, The Band will be on the 10th of January.

To be precise on coming sunday! Below is a translation or description of the songs we will perform. Tibetan songs are generally very poetically written. The essence of the poesy losses when its translated into another language. So the purpose of this translation is just to get the message! I will also distribute on songs on paper at the concert hall. Tashi delek!

Songs of freedom by POROK KARPO

Question to the Dalai Lama: What do you think about Loten Namling?

Swiss nomad asked me if i am Tibetan

Swiss nomad asked me if i am Tibetan. He was happy to see perhaps after a long time. Tibetans in Switzerland enjoy great warmth and hospitality from the Swiss people. Both as mountain people there are plenty of similarities between the two!

Porok Karpo leading his cattle to Freedom! If my mother was here today….she say “Oh loten this is a very auspicious sign”. In Tibetan we say “YANG KAR LUGU” A Pure and auspicious herd of sheep.

This is a recent event that took place in Dharamsala at the prestigious library.

This is a recent event that took place in Dharamsala at the prestigious library. I thank Geshe Lhakdor la who is the director of the institute for this wonderful afternoon. We met in Gauhati in india during His Holiness the Dalai lamas visit. he suggested me that I should do a concert and talk about our rich culture to the young tibetans. I was honoured that it took place this time in Daharmasala. Although I was really sick with cold but despite it, it went quite well. I even had to retune the Dranyen as low as possible to hold my voice.But I was able to deiver the message. Enjoy the concert life here on FB.