Evening at Upper TCV school. I showed them the film Tibetan warrior. kids were surely moved by it.

Wonderful and honoured to sing there. Library of Tibetan Works and Archive is most well known treasure deposit of Tibetan culture in the world. So honoured to sing and talk there. I thank Geshe lhakdor la and secretary Nawang la for the evening!

The Diff was a great event ! Tibetan warrior received standing ovation from the honourable Sikyong and the ministers of the Tibetan government present. My home town screening was the peak of all screening since one year! I thank dodo and his team for trusting me and standing up for […]

At the Airport in Zurich with Thubten la……. On my way to India to join the Diff International film festival. Looking forward to present Tibetan warrior in my home town Dharamsala. Dodo is flying to Hong Kong and will be in Dhasa for the Indian Premier of tibetan warrior! See […]

Dhonduip Namgyal la or popularly known as DN interviewed me today at Radio Free Asia. We were college friends and it was refreshing to go through all the memories of our college days. I met many old friends……from those good old days…..way back to more than 30 years ago. I […]