(here is the text I roughly translated) Deep in the timeless snowy mountains of Tibet The lofty peaks penetrate into the celestial skies The source of all joy and happiness The source of all rivers, pure and virtuous! The nomads of Tibet wonder in peace Their cattle graze the grassland […]

(Last few years I have been performing Drekar, the wise old man who appears on the first day of the Tibetan New year. The tradition of Drekar goes back almost over 500 years. There are several common features between Drekar and Santa Claus. Drekar is bearded, so is Santa Claus. […]


Yi Re Kyo

Porok karpo will also play this song. https://vimeo.com/117167502 {text of the song} Sun sets behind the southern mountains, The white moon gets consumed by the clouds, And the stars have fallen amid rain and clouds. Heart saddens; unable to meet you three, Heart saddens, unable to meet you three, Oh, […]